Best Outdoor Wedding Ideas in Gilbert, Arizona

5 Reasons a Garden Wedding Is Perfect for You in Gilbert, Arizona

Getting married soon? Need an adventurous experience to last you a lifetime? If so, stop looking at indoor venues to begin with! Weather in the county of Gilbert is as clear as it gets. You simply cannot have better skies to arrange an outdoor wedding for yourself and your friends and family in attendance.

Among the many outdoor locations, garden weddings stand out as being the most looked forward to, especially in Gilbert, Arizona. Let’s have a look at why it is so!


  • Amazing Weather


Gilbert, Arizona has a clear, dry climate. A garden wedding will simply be perfect without the fear of rain or unruly winds. In addition, the breezy atmosphere will make up for the lack of indoor ventilation systems. You won’t have to bear with the stuffy and stale air of an indoor venue when you can take your vows while surrounded by nature.

You can also arrange for light dresses for your bridesmaids so that they are comfortable throughout. This way, they can wear their bridesmaid dresses somewhere else after the wedding.


  • Innovative Themes


A garden wedding opens the door for you to create as many innovative themes as you can. You can set up an altar surrounded by a frame of flowers through which the beautiful bride walks in to take the groom’s hand.

In addition, you can use seating arrangements in exotic colors that will look exceptional in front of the green backdrop. Any range of colors will be wonderful against the natural greenery.


  • Spatial Advantage


A garden wedding gives you a lot of space. It allows you to organize your wedding in a unique way. You can always compartmentalize the garden into different areas for different segments of the wedding. For instance, the ceremony at the altar can take place in one segment. Leading from that segment, you can create an illuminated path that takes the guests to the dance floor in another segment.

Likewise, in the next segment of the garden you can usher your guests into a dining area. The spatial benefit will allow your guests to enjoy themselves to the fullest. They won’t have to be sitting throughout due to the constant movement. By the time they reach the dance floor they will be as energetic as they were when they entered the ceremony.


  • Fairytale Night Setups


A garden wedding at night time is quite the fairytale experience. The bride can be Rapunzel in the garden, calling for her Prince Charming to come to her rescue! You can even use lanterns as decoration in this event of your life.


  • Dreamy Ideas


You can use many dreamy ideas for your photographs in garden setting. For instance, two adjacent swings with floral decorations will be just awesome! The bride and groom can swing slightly holding hands and the photographer can capture this moment forever!

Garden weddings bring out the natural beauty of a wedding away from the concrete world! Now you can have your own wedding in a paradise like Portico Wedding and Event Facility. Portico has the best garden wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona. You too can have a dream wedding, so why hold back! Call us for booking and details or visit our website here.

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