How do DJs Add Value to Your Wedding Reception

4 Ways Professional Djs Can Enhance Your Wedding Reception

While planning their wedding, many people give special attention to details such as catering and decorations. However, most of the times, music is left at the mercy of their closest friends who happen to be self-declared DJs. This happens because people believe anyone can handle wedding music.

That is not true. Your friends may know their way around the music equipment but they will certainly lack the quality that a professional DJ can add to your celebration.

Let’s have a look at the ways in which a professional DJ can make your wedding ten times better.


  • They Can Add the Feature of Guest Requests


DJs are professionals who can do just about anything with their musical skills to make your wedding the best there is! They know their way around the equipment so well that switching songs upon request is no trouble for them at all. Your guests will enjoy the idea that they can have their favorite songs played. They can dedicate songs to you or their partners and have great fun at your party.


  • They Can Give You the Perfect Playlist


DJs can get the mix of music just right. They can make the most wonderful playlists for your wedding party. In fact, you can even have your DJ make the playlist that you want. Want to be a bit unconventional and add rock and metal to your big day? A professional DJ would be able to fit it in with the most romantic songs out there!


  • They Know the Crowd


The best part about hiring a professional DJ is that they are well aware of the crowd they are facing. Generally, if you ask them to stick to your playlist they will do that but if they see the crowd not particularly liking it, they will be quick in making changes to it. They can observe the reaction of the crowd as the music changes. They will make sure that they keep playing the music that entertains all your guests.


  • They Can Get Them Dancing


Some of the people in attendance at your wedding will be jumping up and down to get onto the dance floor even before the bride and groom have opened it up with the first dance. However, there will always be a few people in the guest list who will want to lay back and not be so excited. These guests need just a little push to release their inner partier and they will be all on the floor! A DJ can do just that. Their music can get the laziest of them out of their seats!

A professional DJ can bring life to your wedding celebration. If you live in Gilbert, Arizona, you can have an experienced and expert DJ at your wedding. Portico Wedding and Event Facility provides amazing DJ services with their garden venue for the biggest day of your life. You can avail these services by visiting our website or calling us any time. Why wait? Make your spring wedding the best among all the weddings in your family with Portico.

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