Wedding Cake Designs You will Love

5 Wedding Cakes that You Just Can’t Turn Down

Wedding cakes are always the topic of gossip, the night after the wedding. Everyone just loves to comment on how they felt it could have been better or worse. This makes it essential that when you are selecting yours, you should pick the one that will keep your guests occupied with gossip that goes in the favor of your cake. Let’s face it. You can’t stop them from talking about it. So, give them something great to talk about!

Let’s have a look at a few of the cakes that you just won’t be able to turn down at your wedding!


  • Cake with Black Frosting and White Flowers


This is the cake that will make your friends recall your wedding for months! The beautiful 3 storey cake frosted completely with black cream will turn heads! Wedding cakes are generally white to match the theme of the rest of the wedding but a black cake will look just stunning with the white backdrop. In addition, it can carry big white and golden flowers. Your guests will surely love this amazing treat with all its grandiosity.


  • A Multi-colored Fruity Delight


You also have the option to get a multi-colored, fruit flavored cake that will completely awe your guests. With each storey coated in a different color, your cake will resemble your favorite fairy tale delight! Its rainbow-ish approach will attract people to it automatically. If you love colors, this is the cake for you. You do not want to miss something so delicious and good looking at the same time.


  • Sprinkle Wedding Cake


This is the cake that will draw the attention of everyone who loves sprinkles over all their deserts! Little rainbow sprinkles cover 2 tiers of the cake while the remaining two will stay white and elegant as before! You will surely witness the symphony of this amazing combination with pleasure!  


  • Cake that Looks Like Your Wedding Dress


If you want to give your bride a salute, this is the cake you want! Pure white – exactly as per wedding traditions; a cake that looks like her wedding dress will catch eyes immediately. Take as many pictures as you like before you serve it and retain the memory of this wonderful treat in all its magnitude.


  • Gold and Silver One-Tier Cake


Wedding cakes can go as high as 4 to 5 tiers and that’s the way they seem more appealing. However, that does not mean that one tier cakes are any less! You can have your perfect wedding cake frosted in gold and silver and topped with flowers.

You can have all these cakes and many more at Piece of Cake for your special day. If you live in Gilbert, Arizona, you can have the best cakes arranged for you at the Portico Wedding and Event Facility. You can make your wedding quite an occasion with wonderful cakes served amid a beautiful garden setting with Portico. So, contact us and let us make your special day memorable!

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